Gavin Arnessian

Male Tiefling Rogue, Organized Criminal


Gavin and his fraternal twin, Heserynne, never met either of their parents. Their fiendish heritage, which Gavin could hide but his sister could not, led to the two of them being persecuted, or even hunted, everywhere civilized, forcing them to live in hiding or in disreputable slums, resorting to thieving or worse to survive. A chance discovery during an attempt at looting found them in possession of a key to Sigil, the City of Doors. Sigil was for them the first place where their kind was tolerated, and they began to build a life in the Hive, where the poor of Sigil made their home, becoming influential by playing the factions active in the Sigil underworld against each other. Eventually Gavin grew disillusioned with the endless factional conflict in Sigil, and uncomfortable with his sister’s increasingly erratic and pharmacologically fueled behavior, jealous attachment to him, and sometimes brutal temperament. Consequently, Gavin left his twin to build his own life in Faerun, where he at least could pass as human.

He found his way to Luskan, a city in perpetual turmoil. Equipped with his experiences in Sigil, Gavin secured a position for himself as the leader of a small but growing organization in the docks district, specializing in gambling, prostitution, petty thievery, and smuggling. Gavin continued to consolidate power in the docks district, driven by a vision of a unified, civilized, and ordered Luskan underworld. He formed a relationship at this time with the orphaned pickpocket Magpie. With the help of Garbo Addlespork and Tiberius Hyde, and by allying himself with a new entrant to the Luskan political scene with a similar vision, the vampiress Isolar, Gavin eliminated key rivals to his influence in the docks and slums, though his paramour Magpie was discovered to have been working with his enemies and was killed by Isolar’s associate Mal.

Since then, Gavin has continued as ally, and now consort, of Isolar, and the two of them struggle, through Isolar’s political influence and the policing of her Knights and Gavin’s control of Luskan’s illicit trades, to maintain a hold on the city against the persistent forces that would tear it from them.

Full name: Agravain Arnessian
Known Associates: Valgas Silvergilt, Isolar
Family: Heserynne Arnessian
Romantic Attachments: “Magpie” (deceased)

Gavin Arnessian

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